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“Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you guys gave us. I have worked with several consulting companies in the past that were only in it for the money. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure doing business with you. We proved that the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not so. Since our visits with Frank we have turned this store around. Our CSI has improved as well as sales and we have won the Presidents Award two years in a row. We are looking to win again this year. Thanks again and my hat is off to you for all your concern and help.”
Stan Gorman, Parts and Service Director
John O’Neil Johnson Toyota

“We have gone from a profit loser to a profit center. The classes that Net Profit offers, the reports that my consultant Bruce designs, along with the personalized service that I receive, has given my staff an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in service and parts operations. My numbers continue to grow, every month, and I directly relate that to the training we have received from Net Profit.”
Ronnie Patterson
Robinson Toyota

“Whether it’s Jim Richter, or you, Ed, the employees who deal with you have nothing but good things to say about the experience. Most important though, they are left with an action plan that produces positive results. Each visit always proves to be worth each and every dollar we pay and more.  Better yet, when the visit is over our employees are still able to contact someone within your company to have all their questions answered.”
Ron Bouchard, President
Ron Bouchard’s Auto Stores

“Our dealer profitability seminars are in full swing. I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated working with your staff in developing this seminar. From the start, your “hands-on” professional staff was focused on delivering a finished product that everyone would be proud of, and one that would deliver results. You delivered on both fronts.”
Tim Schrieber
Director Business Development, Briggs and Stratton Corporation

“As one of your earliest clients, we are still going strong and we can attest to the effectiveness of your assistance in turning around fixed operations then, and now. Net Profit works!”
Robert Gault, President
Gault Chevrolet Co., Inc.

“I always appreciate the fact that when you’re working for us, you’re into it as though it’s your business rather than somebody else’s and it makes me feel good to know that there is no questions that our best interests are at the top of your list.”
Don Lee
Lee Auto Malls

“What I enjoy most about our relationship is that we are always on the leading edge of the trends in Fixed Operations. You and your staff are always there when we need you for a helping hand or an emergency. We try to teach our staff to look at every customer as a long-term investment, and its nice to have a consulting firm that feels the same way.”
Art Schaller, Jr.
Schaller Auto Dealerships

"I enjoy your articles, you have great insight into the automotive business and have helped me as a young service manager figure out how to do things differently and more effectively.

I am very much interested in a copy of your Gas Max promo. We recently sent out a mailer to 10,000 customers not in our database tying in the hot button of increasing fuel economy while getting the word out that Ford has 6 models under $19000 that get 26 mpg+. I am anxious to see how many customers respond to our aggressive coupon pricing, the “win free gas for a year” promo and our “Free oil change for test driving a new Ford vehicle” that was included in the mailer.

Thanks for the excellent articles, keep ‘em coming!"
Jesse Schemm
Titus-Will Ford Sales, Inc.

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