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Can Net Profit’s Consulting Team Develop Maintenance Schedules?
Yes, Net Profit has been developing Maintenance Schedules for automotive dealerships since 1979.  We can even handle the printing of your Maintenance Schedules so you don’t have to.  Net Profit has the most up to date information regarding factory required maintenance. All maintenance schedules are customized to client specifications.

Can Net Profit’s Consulting Team provide assistance with Parts Inventory issues?
Yes, Net Profit has a multitude of experience in the Parts Department.  From yearly inventory, to inventory controls, we can handle any inventory issue you have. We are versed in both ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds systems. 

Can Net Profit’s Consulting Team provide Service Lane Training for our dealership group at one of our dealership locations?
Absolutely!!!  In addition to the training courses we offer at our headquarters, Net Profit can customize Service Lane Training to fit the needs of an individual dealership or dealer group.  We can train on your premises in a way that will not deplete your staff.  We can do training in phases or all at one time. 

Will my consultant be available to us after they leave our dealership?
Yes, consultants never turn their back!  It is a working relationship!  The consultant will leave your dealership staff with an action plan and they will be checking back to make sure everyone is working on their plan.  If there is a problem with an item on the plan, we will help your staff work through it. 

Can Net Profit’s Consulting Team help us develop our new service lane, design our facility, or help improve an existing facility?
You bet!!! Net Profit’s staff is ready to look at blue prints, draw out designs, or simply evaluate your existing facility.  Having helped numerous dealerships structure their service and parts departments, we have real world knowledge an architect may not have or know about in regard to running a successful fixed ops department. 

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